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A sentimental memento.. A cherished keepsake..

Inspired by you! 


BloomBridal.com only uses the highest quality artificial flowers from reputable floral suppliers. We specialize in many types of real touch, natural touch, soft touch, Floramatique and premium designer silk flowers. The flowers we offer are so life-like and vibrant, they resemble the look of fresh flowers. They make great keepsakes!

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Judy T.

Owner/Creative Director of BloomBridal.com

Welcome! Whether your wedding is traditional or contemporary, an intimate gathering or lavish affair, we are dedicated and skilled to provide service in wedding packages - bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair flowers and permanent botanical arrangements. Our goal is that you are completely happy with your purchase. Your big day is special to us too and we take great pleasure in being part of it!

May your days be filled with love, laughter & happiness..

" LIVE every moment.  LAUGH every day.  LOVE♥ beyond words."








Our Flowers. 

Real touch. Natural touch. Fresh touch. Soft touch. True Touch. Premium silk flowers. Floramatique brand.


We strive using the most realistic and the most exquisite artificial flowers for our floral creations. We always use "Real-touch" flowers first for our designs. However, some flowers, fillers and foilage etc. are not available in "real-touch" quality. In this case, premium silk material would be use. It will be clearly identified in our items rather they are "real-touch" or "silk" or a combination of both. We never pass off poor quality flowers as premium grade flowers. Our flowers are soft and cool to touch, they are not brittle, tacky, dew drop or any of the crafts/dollar store material. Please note we don't color enhance/photoshop our pictures.



Our Work. Our Designs. 

Be dazzled!


All of our items are orginal, unique, and made-to-order. They are only created after purchase. Our bouquets are constructed in symmetry and balance in color. Flowers look in proportion and beautiful from top and side views. We pay attention to small details and we are always happy to make a design to your specifications. We list all the materials that will be used on your design, includes quantity of flowers, type of flowers (real touch, Floramatique, premium silk etc.), foilage, greens, pins, ribbons etc. It will be documented in our contract for your protection before proceeding your order.



Our Commitment to our clients. 

BloomBridal.com only delivers professional quality products and craftmanship to our clients. We are honest on what type of flowers we use. Whether it is real touch, natural touch, true touch or silk. Our flowers are never brittle, tacky, dew drop or any of the crafts/dollar store material. We do not color-enhance or photoshop our pictures. It is guaranteed you will receive what you see on our website. It's our promise to you.




Here are many more reasons why permanent botanical is a great option,


----Why choose permanent botanical for your big day?


♥  You don't want to spend a fortune on fresh flowers just for one day and they end up in the trash.

  You want exotic, tropical or out-of-season flowers. Fresh exotic flowers can be very pricey.

♥  Artificial flowers are ideal for destination weddings, you don't have to worry about customs/quarantine. 

♥  You suffer from allergies with fresh flowers.

♥  You'll have your flowers weeks in advance and you can coordinate your wedding party's attire. As well, you can focus on other wedding plans.

♥  You want a light-weight bouquet, fresh flower bouquets can be very heavy especially having to carry them all day.

♥  You'll have an everlasting momento of your wedding day. Permanent botanicals are great keepsakes.

♥  Fresh flowers could wilt or not hold all day in heat and humidity over the summer time.

♥  Artificial flowers won't soil your gorgeous wedding gown.

♥  You are getting married during holiday season. Fresh flowers can be in short supply and expensive. 

♥  You are worried about florist being booked up, especially in peak seasons.

♥  Artificial flowers are available in a wide range of colors and varieties. They can be as beautiful as fresh flowers.

♥  More environmental-friendly. Artificial flowers and materials can be used again after the wedding, reducing waste. Go-green! :)