I want custom made flowers for myself and my bridal party. When should I order my flowers?

To ensure you will receive your first choice of flowers. We advise ordering your flowers at least 4-6 months before your wedding date. For real touch/premium quality of flowers, it may take 3-6 months to order if it's out of stock, our suppliers stocked those items only every few months. For custom orders, we will confirm your ship date and order your flowers once a deposit is received. For overseas clients, order your flowers at least 4-5 months ahead. See Ordering & Shipping.


For one of the bouquet in your online boutique, can I change the color of the flowers? And add a few of orchids in the bouquet?

Yes we can customize any of our items from our online boutique to meet your requirement. You would have to place a custom order. We can customize different types, color of flowers, ribbon colors, and embellishments as you wish. We will order your flowers after a deposit is received. Please refer to Ordering & Shipping for detail information on custom orders.


How do I pay for my order?

You can shop securely on our server. We accept all major credit cards, money order, PayPal, e-check, e-interac money transfer and cheque. Note any returned cheques a $25 fee applies. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, simply use your credit card or debit card.


Do you ship outside of Canada?

We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. We don't make a profit on shipping. We charge you exact amount postal service charges our company.


How do I know what size or style of the bouquet looks good on me?

See our "Bouquet Sizes & Styles" section.


What kind of flowers would you use on my bouquet?

We strive using the most realistic and the most exquisite artificial flowers for our floral creations. We always use "Real-touch" flowers first for our designs. However, some flowers, fillers and foilage etc. are not available in "real-touch" quality. In this case, premium silk material would be use. Our flowers are not brittle, tacky, dew drop or any of the crafts/dollar store material. We do not color-enhance or photoshop our pictures. It will be clearly listed in our items rather they are "real-touch" or "silk" or a combination of both. Our premium silk flowers are as realistic as our real-touch line.

Our flowers are not the same grade and quality flowers that the general public have access to or can be purchased in retail stores. We directly import our flowers from selected suppliers all around the globe.


Do you send out flower samples?

Please note all our flowers come in a dozen or two and not just one stem. As much as we'd like to send you a sample, it's a huge expense to send out samples and ordering extra dozens for samples. We'd like to keep our margin low for our clients. You can either purchase loose flowers from our online boutique or stems from our "flowers in bulk" section, or purchase a boutonneire from our online boutique to check the quality of our flowers.


Do you sell loose flowers in bulk?

We offer our goods on a retail basis and we are not a floral warehouse operation. At this time the type of loose flowers we sell are limited. You can purchase loose flowers or stems from our website under our flower collections and "flowers in bulk" section.


I love your flowers. I'd like to know who your suppliers are so I can purchase some loose flowers from them as well.

We appreciate the compliments on the quality of our flowers, but for what we would think are obvious reasons, we apologize, we are not permitted to disclose suppliers or importers information.


Can I purchase one bridesmaid bouquet to see first and get more later?

Sure you can, but there could be a slight variation of color in different lots/batches of flowers at different times even though they are from the same suppliers. Our items are made-to-order, when you order your bouquets together, we always try to make them look similar to one another.


How do I know if I like the flowers/bouquets I ordered?

We always make sure you like our end-product! We will sent you approval pictures of your items upon requests (Please note approval pictures are not provided unless requested). We ensure no adjustments are needed and you like your flowers before we ship it to you.


Can I make changes if I want to make some adjustments after seeing the approval pictures?

There is no additonal charge on ribbon color change, but adding a couple more flowers or adding embellishments are subject to additonal cost. Please note wcannot change the integrity of the design or make major adjustments such as replacing your flowers with different flowers and different colors etc. Keep in mind of delays if adjustments are needed.


Can you make a design that is not in your online boutique?

Certainly. We love special requests. If you have a picture or ideas of the bouquet/design you like. Send it to us at info@bloombridal.com! We'll create it for you.


Can I return my items if I change my mind or the wedding is postponed/cancelled?

If you change your mind or cancel, we are sorry that we cannot accept returns or issue a refund. Due to the nature of this industry, we cannot send the flowers back to our suppliers. It would be out of our pocket. We suggest purchasing samples before ordering.


I live in Toronto or the GTA, could I pick up my flowers in person and avoid delivery costs?

We no longer offer local pickups, all orders are to be shipped by Fedex or Canada post. Delivery time is 1-2 business days within Ontario, other Provinces delivery time is 3-4 business days. Delivery time for U.S is 3-4 business days for most States. California & Texas may take up to 5 business days.